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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 1, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. young men try to guess what is hidden under my house. and then you never see them again. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what and coming up on tonight's show? >> i will transmit this information to vladimir. the supreme court finishes hearing the oral arguments on obama care. our allstar panel will pretend to know what this means. and finally it is starbucks putting bugs in -- is starbucks putting bugs in its drinks? we will tell you the shocking truth, and it won't be close to what we just said. >> i just want to point out the elevator is not for the car. it is for the drivers to get access to the cars. >> so the cars have to take it there? >> no. >> that's crazy. >> the elevator is so the cars can come down. >> nothing you say is making sense. >> you neglected to read the
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story. >> cars cannot go upstairs. it is not good for the under courage. >> all right, as you know, you are not good for my under carriage. let's welcome our guest. she is cuter than a koala hugging a panda on a pillow of kittens. she is on weekdays on fox business network. if he were taxes i would do him every april. and in brazil he is considered a thong. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and he blows audiences away with his genius act and a shotgun. sitting next to me, tom shalou. and he is a stupid pile of pages that will fill your day with rages. good to see you, pinch. >> he says madonna's new album is a bipolar collection of songs . it matters less than the pinosh of her delivery. replies the material girl,
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hello? hello? he is such a fine upstanding young man. next time i see him, i intend to give him a new hula hoop along with several pieces of penny candy. okay, well, time to watch my story. bye. unfortunately she forgot to hang up. what followed was an hour of her talking back to the characters on "days of hour lives." greg? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. what is the law's fate minus the mandate. that is the question the supreme court, who ever they are dealt with on wednesday with the justices hearing arguments whether the affordable care act should go bye-bye if they ruled the mandate portion doesn't fly, fly. the mandate that forces you to face the penalty is the troubling part of the law, and the court was leaning toward ruling it unconstitutional. if this happens the vast majority of the law should still stand and the liberal
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justices steam to agree. no surprises there. but the judges are skeptical, and anthony kennedy, the crucial swing vote was concerned about the cost to insurance companies if the mandate is struck down while leaving everything else in place. i have no idea what i just said. i believe we have tape from outside the supreme court of justice briar leaving for the day. >> this is why nothing gets done in the supreme court. they are spending their time in courtyards battling geese. it is a wonder we get anything done. you spend a lot of time in court basically fighting charges we can't get into here
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because they are too graphic and grizzly. >> oh this is embarrassing. conservatives, please overturn our law. this is what the left wingers do. they always want the supreme court to come in and rescue them because they are so lazy they want to pass their own laws. now conservatives are doing it. be a man and knockdown -- i am against the law. but i don't want the supreme court to save me. i want to punt on this and then remove the law myself with the american voters of the that's called democracy. don't ask these 9 people to do your work for you, you lazy bum. >> i don't know if i agree with you, but i admire your gumpion. >> that's for liberal. they are the ones that go crying to the court like little children. the court should turn like a good irnt pa and should say do your homework yourself. don't come to me. >> too bad the state of our country will never happen. there seems to be a general feeling that the court might strike it down. but is that what they want us
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to think just so they can surprise us later in the summer in june when they change their minds? >> i am not sure the court's jedi mind is with us, but the court should decide whether a law is constitutional or a piece of that law is constitutional. if they decide the mandate isn't, that's it. it is not constitutional. how it impacts the rest of the law is completely irrelevant. >> that's a fair point. i agree completely. she is smart. some democrats are suggesting that obama care if struck down would help obama. does that make any sense? >> i don't think so. remember all of the energy and the time he spent pushing this law through congress and twisting people's arms. he spends the better part of the first year with a signature achievement. if that is thrown out the window by the court it underminds his case that he is an effective president, and it underminds the idea -- remember nancy pelosi said we have to pass a law to find out what is in it. you might want to know what is in it before you pass it.
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>> i passed a lot of things expri no idea what was in it. >> there is no wood. >> there is wood. i agree it was lazy of me. >> under this new health care system maybe you can get some pills that will wake you up. give some to me. >> i get it. >> man-date, that's what you were doing. >> that's what you were saying? how dare you? >> bill, answer the question i did not give you. >> okay, well, i think it is interesting that the republicans have been wining about this obama care stuff, but they have failed to offer an alternative of their own. that to me is a bit mind blowing. if my mind is blown and i haven't pain the individual mandate, i may pay the fine and go to the brain doctor and he puts my brain back together again. >> i agree with bill of the i agree with bill.
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>> everybody can agree the health care system is broken. >> let me say this. the republican alternative, we want to mug you, but if you don't want us to mug you, what is your alternative? it is not up to us. we have an elderly population and health care is expensive. that's the nature of the beast. there is a medical savings account and competition. it is not up to us to offer an alternative to a mugging. >> they believe the beast must be slain. >> i need weapons from which to do it. >> we have one and that is competition. >> i don't agree with phil anymore. i agree with greg. >> listen, i want -- i do think it will help obama. they are just going to rule against that one thing, and then they are -- then what are we going to do? what we want to do is move this whole thing. we don't like it. i agree with bill. complete removal of the whole thing. not picking at it with the
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supreme court. >> two points have to be made. the harvard economist who worked under regan. >> but nobody has gotten behind that. >> i think this is important. they should only strike down the mandate because that is what is in play here and not the whole wall. just as kennedy brought up the point, other pieces of the law would be struck down. what scalia is suggesting is do you want us to go through the entire bill and pick which things will be struck down and which will not? no, strike it all down and send it back to congress to formulate something that is constitutional. >> that's fine. if they want to strike it down, that's fine. as long as they find one piece that is constitutional, either they take that piece out and go through it piece by piece, or the whole thing is gone. but they can't say this part is unconstitutional, but because of of -- because the rest of the law can't stand without it, we are going to
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go. it is irrelevant. >> it is like make it a sandwich with just a little piece of [bleep] in it. >> i will be fine. >> eat around it. no, you don't eat around it. >> you ate the one i gave you earlier today. >> you thought it was delicious. >> i want to make one point quickly. if it is struck down it can help obama. they are largely against this. if it is voted down, then -- it is less of a voting issue for them. there are people who want to support the president, but they are against the health care law. they have to question whether or not voting them back in there is no chance of it getting repealed. >> the fact that there are people against the health care law they are for obama. if you are against health care you probably don't like obama. i don't understand the whole thing about preexisting conditions. they want a plan that covers the pre preexisting
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condition. what is the point of having health insurance? that means you can just wait until i get sick. that is a preexisting condition and then i get insurance. i am not going to get insurance from my car until it crashes. doesn't it negate the whole thing? >> that's the deception of the whole thing. they are making people who are young and healthy who only need catastrophic insurance and get all of this so they come into the market and pay for those who have preexisting conditions. >> there are some things to be said about the fact that you never know when things will p that. at the end of the day you get sick and you go to the hospital and you don't have insurance, it is on our dime anyway. there is an argument to be made and i don't think that can be ignored. >> the difference between catastrophic insurance and a healthy person who is giving up all of these things. >> but catastrophic insurance won't cover you if you have cancer. it will cover you if you have a car crash. >> we have a slot for
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potpouri. >> i said it at the end of the day. >> nobody said narrative yet. that's good. >> it is what it is. >> yes, it is. just saying. from mandate to man cave. he is facing a barrage over his garage. romney is getting ripped. ribbed or ripped? ripped for your pleasure. they revealed that a san diego beach house will have an elevator for his auto. the property's $12 million expansion will include an outdoor shower. yes, one of those. but mr. romney had a wooly mammoth resurrected as a drying off station. it was a mechanism for storing cars in tight spaces, but it was a thing that pounces and a d and c spokesman who sends an e mail out, quote, doesn't everybody need an elevator for their cars? burn. so what other extravaganza -- i don't know what i just said there. will others will romney's mansion have? we have tape.
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>> kitty don't take the stairs. when you are a kitty, you don't have to. >> have you an elevator for your expensive knife collection. >> i have a wankavator. >> that's amazing. much a do about nothing, or will this hurt romney in the election? >> it will not hurt him. we all want elevators for our cars. this is america. our favorite people have car elevators. i think jay leno has several elevators. >> these are our favorite people. >> and so we don't be brog a man, -- we don't be brog a man. you go up and down and i will get a car elevator too. >> you are a human failure.
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>> i will say i would like to have an elevator in my car. i am short and just have me go up so it would be wonderful. will romney never, never be on the cover of in touch magazine because he is so out of touch with america? >> it doesn't matter. there are many things to takish you you with -- take issue with, but to have somebody in the white house that knows how to make money is not something i would be angry about. i understand the appeal of having somebody who is one with the people, but i don't need president to have that kind of a common folk idea. i need a president who knows how to make some cash right now. that's what we all need. clearly romney knows how to do it. >> should we beacon grat lating rather than mocking. >> romney is rich. he earned the money in the private sector by providing services people wanted. if president obama had an elevator in his garage before he was elected maybe the economy wouldn't be in as bad of a shape as it was. maybe it should be a qualification. if you don't have an elevate neither your garage, you
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shouldn't even run. >> that is an interesting qualification. i am way in front of things though. you have an outdoor shower like romney, but it is essentially a hose in the park. are police still giving you a hard time? >> yes. that's about all i can say about that. as far as romney's concern, it is interesting that he got rid of the people -- he told those people working under him to fire the immigrants. it was for one reason and one reason only. he didn't think ahead when it comes to his car and it may be a little out of touch for the people. it is interesting that the people now work for me. and i can't afford paw co. he is living under my bed and he is a disturbance. >> i believe it goes down to the essence of envy. everybody must be poor because you are poor. nobody likes anybody who is better off. i want to show a piece of tape here. i believe this is the great former senator. what is his name? arlin specter, right. he is talking about mitt
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romney. >> >> he has it right. he says mitt romney has changed position more often than a pornographic movie queen. >> i did not say that. >> only someone over 80 would say an adult actress is a pornographic movie queen. >> arlin specter is accusing him of being a flip-flopper, but he is a party flopper. >> i think he ran in five different parties in one month. but pornographic movie queen is -- >> it doesn't make sense. first of all, he should talk. he looks like a clay nation movie star. >> did you know he was doing stand up? he is doing stand up at caroline's. >> worst mental image ever. >> i apologize. >> do we have time for the next story? no? we closed our auction so i
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want to get to the final update. winning my drawing of myself and the unicorn head in my stomach, it is autographed by bill and andy and myself and it is already framed. the highest bid for this is going to the trust fund for andrew breitbart's children. nobody was able to top the bid of $5,000 from mr. ray dankle from fort thomas, kentucky. congratulations, ray. we will contact you later today to make arrangements because it is so late right now. i wouldn't think of calling you at 4:00 in the morning. if you want to make a donation to andrew's kids, checks and money orders can be sent to the following address, breitbart children trust 149, south barrington avenue, number 735, los angeles, california, 90049. coming up, should you strap live kittens to your feet and call them footwear? diane discusses her new book, i strap live kittens to my feet. >> congratulations.
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why are you hiding? don't hide. but first, a story. what does alicia silverstone share in common with penguins? spoiler alert, it is not
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are you most full of glee when you are 33? well, according to a new survey that is the best year of our lives. perhaps because as one psychologist notes the age of 33 is enough time to have shaken off childhood's naive tee and the wild scheming of teenage years without losing the energy and enthusiasm of youth and adding we have yet to develop the cynicism and world wariness that comes with the later years. whatever, lady. a british website called friends united conducted the poll finding 77% of folks over 40 pick 33 as their happiest
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year. 6% said they were con at the present time during college. -- content during college and 16% yearned for their childhood years. what was my happiest year? probably around the time i took this video. it looks like fun, but i passed out and was screaming for help. but it was cabo 2003 spring break and nobody cared. all they kept doing was dancing around me. they were dancing around me and dancing and dancing and dancing, dancing, dancing dancing. >> how were you filming as you were passed out? >> not well. >> the camera was attached to my pelvis. i was actually dancing on my back. that's actually the name of my one man broadway show.
2:22 am
that will be coming out shortly in a garage near you. tom, what do you make of this? was that the best of your life? >> no, 33 was -- that's when -- the thing is, i think it is false data. i think they asked people, and this is obviously a modern thing because people now are unmarried until they are 30 -- into their late 30s. i think 33 is when guys -- they talked a lot about sex. they are having good sex at 33. 33 is around where guys stop prioritizing their life ready a sex. -- life around sex. they start to mature. men mature that late. they start treating women well. around 33 guys are actually civilized toward women instead of acting like overgrown boys. the women are happy and the guys are happy because they are getting mature and looking to a better life. it is not about sex. it is about the -- it is about a re-alignment of priorities. >> so the study is right, 33 is the happiest?
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>> well, it they said it is because people are having sex and at their peak. wrong. >> you are in your 20s, shouldn't that be the happiest time of your life? >> just 6% said they were content at college? where did they go to college? siberia? i don't know who they are talking to, but i say bogus. >> you may be right. but in college you don't have any money. it is when you have a little financial freedom -- it mattered for me when i had to eat nothing but discarded swim wear. jaime, you are not 30 yet. i bet this makes you feel special. >> i can't speak with authority on what it is like to be 33. though i am happy i still am peaking. i am going to peak at some point. the study belongs where i file all of my academic studies which is a trashcan. i don't buy any of this. how do you take a poll and then -- >> how can you not -- how are you going to do this scientifically? you ask and people tell you. i think this is the greatest
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study ever. bill, are you 37, yet you still sleep in dinasaur pajamas. not really a question. >> i'm 36. don't try to age me. just because micro's -- just because my crow's feet have crow's feet. i believe the best time to be alive is 8 or 9. when you are playing with your gi joe people are not staring at you and running away from you. the peaking of the sex thing was said by a girl and not a guy. her name was christine pasonado. she was 35 and she said you are peaking and you are better in bed. so of course i had to google her of the she is perm trainer. she is kind of cute. and then no lie, i looked at her twitter name. her twitter name is -- this is not a lie, farty at farty mcgas bag. after that and save. >> that is no lie. andy can look it up if he doesn't believe me.
2:25 am
>> that sounds like a twitter address you would come up with. >> i know. but i would want my girlfriend to be more mature. but she can't play transformers. >> are you sure you are not like the johnny depp character. >> i am christina popomado and i just let one fly. >> by the way, if 33 is the best time of your life, technically as you become mature it should be 43. our generation now has returned back home and have a pro tracted adolescence. technically you are not an adult until you are my age. and then the world gets bad. people tell you it gets better, but it gets worse and worse. you just have more years behind you. it is like life speeds up toward death. you can see the life barreling at you. you are like, yes, i am
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ready. take me wherever you are going. i will ride that light. do you have a comment on the show? e mail us at fox leave a voicemail at 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. she like 70. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by jet. the aircraft powered by engine that develops thrust from hot gases and produced by burning fuel in a combustion chamber. thanks, jet. having one of those days?
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tired. groggy. can't seem to get anything done. it makes for one, lousy day. but when you're alert and energetic... that's different. you're more with it, sharper, getting stuff done. this is why people choose 5-hour energy over 9-million times a week. it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done.
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got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. >> how are you doing? >> okay. >> whatever. tom, you said this whole thing is embarrassing and embarrassing for conservatives to say please knockdown this law. you said it in a high pitched voice. and you hope the court punts on this one. that we should repeal the law ourselves and not ask nine people to do it for us. but the point of the supreme court is to prevent congress or the president from running over the constitution. >> oh yawn. the constitution -- here is where i stand with lefties. the constitution is a -- what is the word for it? a living document. we lie to ourselves. we can change it if we want. you want to change the constitution? you elect a conservative and he stacks the court and you
2:31 am
get what you want. stop being lazy and start doing the hard work of democracy. >> so as far as you are concerned they can pass any law they want? >> yes. >> should they be able to? >> no, they should not. >> i don't think you understand the point of the supreme court, tom. i really don't. >> i like the robot aspect. >> until that day, tom, we need a supreme court. diane, you said you don't understand the point of sever ability. it is up to congress to move forward with the rest of the law. i don't think that's the case. the court can decide that the mandate sun constitutional, but the rest of the act can still stand or they can understand the mandate nullifies the entire act.
2:32 am
>> they don't have to decide that because they nullify one part that means the rest of the act goes with it. and that doesn't have to factor into the isolated decision of whether or not the mandate is constitutional. and that is being used as an arangement. an argument. >> they don't have to decide that. >> it doesn't make sense for the impact that the mandate will have on the rest of the law to affect their decision on whether or not the mandate itself is constitutional or unconstitutional. some of the attorneys are making that argument. >> you are absolutely right. the counter arangement -- argument exists too. >> we are arguing two different things. >> i see like a sequel to "the good wife" and it is you two. it is a legal debate over wine and cheese. >> who is andy? >> who ever josh charles plays. i love josh charles. he just recently started
2:33 am
following me on twitter. >> you are pathetic. >> you know who doesn't follow you? real people no matter where you go. >> sad little man andy levey. >> it was a nice day for me. >> how would you know if you are day or -- if it was day or night? you don't leave your apartment. >> bill, you said it blows your mind republicans are opposed to obama care, but haven't offered an alternative. so it blows your mind that a party that pays lip service to the government hasn't of on erred a government solution of their own. >> everything i hear from the party agrees that the health care system is broken and unsustainable. where is the alternative? >> so you want people who believe in limited government to offer limited solution? >> i don't think many believe we should have government run health care, period. >> i am not saying they do. but it looks like you are looking for a big government solution. >> i didn't say that. i said i was looking for an alternative.
2:34 am
>> you are always looking for an alternative. >> i am wearing sneakers with a sport coat. count it. >> you mentioned -- was it marty felstein? >> it would be a catastrophic insurance. >> is that what they call it? >> a little joke. >> nicely done for you young franken stein fans. because people here were born in the 70s and 80s. >> i don't watch black and white films. >> i got the joke. it took you explaining it to me. >> by the way, always a hallmark of a good joke. if you don't have to explain it, it is not funny. >> always my motto. greg you suggested that maybe the justices are getting them to trick us which is a
2:35 am
typically stupid thing you say. sometimes the justices can appear to be leaning one way, but decide the other way. and a former clerk for justice kennedy notes that it is entirely possible and he hasn't made up his mind yet. >> can't trust him. they are just like the robe guys in "planet of the apes." >> and also, greg, you brought up the preexisting condition thing. i tried to use this playing blackjack when the dealer has an ace and i turn down the insurance and then they have blackjack and then i try to get insurance. >> i have blackjack too, but it is a medical disorder. it was black for months. >> i had blackjack too. that was a name of the pirate i had last night. call me blackjack. >> that wasn't a peg leg. it was a young franken stein preference.
2:36 am
reference, come on. tom, you said we all want elevators for our car. you said jay leno has one. romney was on leno on tuesday night and leno didn't bring this up and maybe that's why. >> interesting point. >> diane, you said it doesn't matter. i don't have a people elevator in my building. >> i don't have a people elevator in my building too. i don't mind somebody running for president does. i am outraged you would want an elevator made of people, sir. that is illegal. >> it is a car lift and not a car elevator. all it does is gives you more storage room. >> but then again how could the media explain a lift. it has to be an elevator. i am wearing elevators right now.
2:37 am
>> jaime, you said maybe it should be a law you have to have an elevator in your law to be president. i don't know that. but adding a car lift to your home does. it provides jobs. >> shouldn't the green knees like this because it concerns -- it conserves space? rather than parking your cars literally -- >> although it is powered by seal blubbers. >> what isn't? >> by the way, you would be blubbering if you just left highly cliewm. >> survey says 33 is the help yeas -- happiest age. are you saying you don't think a survey from a british social networking site is not reliable? don't rock my world. diane, you think this is garbage. you don't think data with the
2:38 am
cherished memories and is trustworthy. >> i trust every part, but i am putting my faith. >> i accept that. and lastly, bill, i did not look up the twitter name of the woman. quite frankly, i don't care. >> i am guessing nobody will. >> i bet somebody else. >> you can look up agnes schulz and she may follow you. you know who else is following me, josh charles. >> you leave what josh charles and i have alone. >> he is thrilled to know how much you care. >> go away. >> lady gaga is dead -- tired of people throwing stuff on the streets. keep america clean. and spoiler alert, what is the starbucks
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welcome back. starbucks, more like star insects. i could have said star bugs, but i didn't. i decided to go different. 234* order to reduce the artificial ingredients, the coffee giant used a unique extract made of bugs to provide its frappuccinos with a bright pink color. the extract which i refuse to name comes from ground up dried bug bodies found mostly in south america and mexico. the stuff is actually fda approved and widely used in other foods such as jams, mare neigheds and meats and ground up bug chowder. the vegans asked if it makes the frappuccino vegan or not. sadly, it is not vegan. you know what else is good to chirp? something i like to call -- >> lightning roooooouuunnnnd.
2:43 am
>> does it matter as long as it is delicious? who cares? >> it doesn't matter. and we all all kinds of bugs do we not? >> yes. >> and they are ground up and all sorts of things. i ate scorpions in china. and roasted muton peanuts. they roast it. kind of chewy. >> diane, will this change your eating and drinking habits? >> i will never go out to dinner with them. no. >> m i am not real -- i am not really grossed out by that. >> she would make them crispy. i don't think it would bother anyone. >> what part of bug juice did you not get as a kid. it is made from bugs. the same bugs -- serious. the same bugs that make this frappuccino are crushed up and used to get that color in the bug juice. >> i drank as a kid. >> i thought it was fake of
2:44 am
the. >> jaime are you repulsed or aroused by this area. >> the vegans didn't know this was not vegan and they were drinking this for awhile. who knows what inned could of revolution. >> don't frappuccinos have dairy in 24e78. maybe they used soy. >> i don't drink -- i don't go to starbucks, but i think i will now. i am going just because of this. >> you should because the bathrooms are great. you don't have to order any of them. >> the best one is for meating people. >> you know the bathroom with the diaper area? that's where i will eat so much. >> speaking of babies. ali slaw silverstone feeds her
2:45 am
11-month-old son like a bird. first chewing his food and then passes it mouth to mouth and then goes to her discarded twigs. here it is. writing it is his favorite and mine. he craws across the room it attack my mouth if i am eating. i warn you. this is shocking. i advise the sensitive to turn away and perhaps look at another tv showing the same thing. it never gets old. >> funny. i have the same sweater and it is the same size. isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? >> it is so strange.
2:46 am
i don't even no know what to say. i have never seen that. i don't like to critique other people's parenting skills, but it is weird. >> jaime, isn't this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? >> give her a break. she was raised by birds. she was just doing what she was taught. it is horrifying. >> it is funny, but i don't think it is that bad. >> it is the most beautiful thing. >> i like his hands. look at the hands. that's what i do when i make out with a beautiful girl. we have kids and she eats garbage like she eats the leftovers. that's what mothers do. it comes out of my mouth. she eats stuff out of the garbage. that's what mothers do. they are garbage eaters. she is reversing -- >> are telling me it is normal for your wife to be eating out
2:47 am
of a garbage can. >> instead of throwing the garbage away she sadly eats the leftovers because she won't waste food. my children just leave everything. >> i stood over the sink while eating before. you think that is wrong? >> that is okay. >> birds do it. the kids seem happy. >> there is a comparison of her feeding it through her mouth. wife ends up being the victim. let the kids eat the scraps. they are children for god shakes. >> bill, this is nothing you knock to your life. >> my brother used to do this. he would 2 to parties in high school and tell his other friends and they were in the whole party like this.
2:48 am
he would regurgitate it into my procedure ace news, my brother is a 34-year-old virgin. >> he passed the peak. >> good for him, i say. now he can think of other thicks. other things. time to take a break. more stuff is on the way. ggókóg
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welcome back. chloe ka -- khloe-kardashian has cut ties with peta. khloe once posed nude for peta and called them out on her blog. "not only has peta lied to the public, but they proved they support this kind of behavior bullying and harassment is never a solution, and i won't be a part of any organization that thinks otherwise." jaime, she is an american hero. >> when i think the news we don't have is peta wrote a thank you letter to khloe when she resigned. this is actually a favor to them. >> this story has been bothering you all day. are you okay? are you holding yourself together?
2:53 am
>> i was almost going to agree with her, but she said she was pro peta, but she is also pro -- >> she is anti-bullying. >> i am anti-peta, but pro bullying. i was bullied as a child. look at me. i am successful and on television. >> i don't know if that backs up your argument, but i will leave it at that and move to diane. peta denied connection to the flour bombing even though they gave this woman like an award a couple years ago. they are bullies. peta are bullies. >> they can be at time. they are so focused on the goal that lose sight of themselves every now and then. they gave this woman an award and came out in support of her. even though they are not connected to her and they didn't do it -- >> bill, you flour bomb yourself from time to time. is it as refreshing as it sounds? >> of course the kardashians
2:54 am
are pro fur. they are armenian. >> diane is frowning sat that joke. >> she is frowning at accuracy. >> i am frowning with empathy right now. >> i am too. >> you can't help it sometimes. >> i think she has a point though. they only bully people they think they can bully. they will throw paint on a white fat guy in cowboy boots, but they won't do it to a hip hop artist because they know snoop dogg will beat the hell out of them. >> that's how all bullies work. >> so peta should have in guts and actually go after people that might kick their butts. >> they will not -- they will only go after people that it is politically correct to go after. >> everybody makes fun of the kardashians because everybody is does. >> when will they go after animals that eat meat. >> i wish they would go after me, but i can't afford real leather.
2:55 am
>> to see clips of recent shows, fox eye.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. for "the five" and then a new red eye with sherrod small. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. did you get everything cleaned up there? >> sure did. what's going on? >> how is dc morning go ?g. >> it is the morning e mail which i write which is the most inform tiff and funny on the web. i encourage everybody to go to the daily caller and sign up. if you don't, i could be fired. >> diane, how is imus going? >> good. he is having a blast teasing me. i will be on every morning from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.
2:59 am
>> what about the tour? is it over? >> yes, i just spent 10 days and 15 on the road. i made a video diary on my phone. i made the film and edited it. i am posting it on twitter as we speak. i am posting them right now on twitter. >> i don't believe you. >> it is funny. >> he really is quite the commercial actor. >> wow. bill anything to plug? >> yes, i will plug fox and friends with benefits. that's the name of our touch football team. this is our jersey. i think we should change it to purple reign due to the color of our shirts. and mike baker will be playing. >> i hope he gets injured. back to you, greg. >> thanks, andy, diane, bill, tom. that does it for me.


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